Behavioural testing

Your systems and networks may be secure. But an untrained workforce could help cyber criminals get access to your most precious data.
Carry out behavioural testing for your organisation today – and help your staff protect themselves against common threats and scams.

What is behavioural testing?

Even the most expensive security systems can be useless if your staff leave the door open. Behavioural testing investigates how vulnerable you are to scams directed at your workforce.

This can take the form of a number of different approaches, including simulated email phishing attacks. We can test how well your staff deal with common exploits, so that you can boost their awareness and training.

Why invest in behavioural testing?

Real cyber security doesn’t just require a top-of-the-range platform. It also requires your staff to be informed, and aware.

Our behavioural testing service will:
  • Show you how vulnerable your workforce is to email and phishing attacks
  • Identify the biggest threats and weaknesses in your organisation
  • Help you to develop a training plan which boosts your staff security awareness
  • Show your workforce that cyber security is a collective responsibility

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