Cyber Safe for your business

Protect Your Business with the Ultimate Vulnerability Scanner and Penetration Testing Tool

Automated Cyber Security with Cyber Safe

As a business owner, you know that cyber threats are a constant concern. With Cyber Safe, you can rest easy knowing that your company is secure 24/7, no matter where you are.

Our automated software is like having a team of cyber security experts working for you around the clock. Cyber Safe is designed to save you both time and money in all aspects of your cyber security.

With Cyber Safe, you can automate your vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, reducing the time and effort needed by up to 70%. You'll be able to focus on running your business, without worrying about cyber threats.

Here's why Cyber Safe is the best option for your organisation:

  • Daily Updates: Cyber Safe scans for the latest threats and vulnerabilities, so you can rest assured that your company is always protected.

  • Comprehensive Testing: Cyber Safe performs a range of tests to ensure your network is as secure as possible. We check for weak passwords, unpatched devices, and much more.

  • Rapid Breach Identification: If a breach does occur, Cyber Safe can identify it quickly, allowing you to limit any potential damage.

  • User Impact Analysis: Cyber Safe responds to any changes made by your users, so you can see the impact on your security.

  • Meets UK Government Standards: Cyber Safe measures performance in line with UK Government Cyber Essentials Plus criteria, helping you achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

  • Easy to Understand: Cyber Safe tells you your current status and potential risks in plain English, so you can take action quickly.

  • Always Working and Evolving: Our software is always working and evolving, meaning you're always protected against the latest threats.

  • Affordable: Cyber Safe is designed with SMEs in mind and comes at a reasonable price.

By automating your cyber security with Cyber Safe, you can save time and money, reduce your risk profile, and achieve Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certifications.

Protect your business today with Cyber Safe - the ultimate vulnerability scanner and penetration testing tool.

Cyber Safe Scanning Components

Aligned to the 5 threat control groups (and more) of the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Plus scheme for SME’s. The easy-to-use Cyber Safe dashboard categorises exploitable vulnerabilities into the categories shown in the table below. The table provides an at-a-glance overview of what is undertaken within the Cyber Safe scans. All scans and checks are done daily except for the simulated phishing attacks which are usually undertaken monthly after customer authorisation.


  • External network scan and vulnerability tests
  • Common vulnerabilities & exposures database of 200,000 +
  • Firewall configuration

Malware Protection

  • External threat testing
  • Anti-malware software installation and configuration checks
  • Untrusted software checks

User Access Control

  • Password Management and User access configuration
  • Simulated phishing attacks for employee awareness testing
  • Internal network scanning
  • Home working - wireless threat testing

Secure Configuration

  • Certificate Bundle Advisories test
  • Software and hardware configuration
  • Network Switch Testing and internal access points, TV's, printers, Alexa’s, smart home devices etc… even fridges!
  • Domain tag checks

Update Management

  • Patch management and software update checks
  • SSL certificate validity test
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Dark web business data detection and general web presence detection
  • Domain blacklisting
  • Intelligent domain matching – Spoofed domain check

Here are just a few of the features you can rely on:

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is the UK’s Gold Standard for cyber security, companies must demonstrate and be assessed on 5 key controls areas. Cyber Safe can help you get there and remain accredited, giving your customers and stakeholders ultimate peace of mind.
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Penetration testing

We’ll test your network infrastructure and IT estates to ensure it’s protected against threats and attacks. Get insight on where you’re most vulnerable, so you can take decisive action.
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Cyber Resiliance

Your company is only as secure as your staff. Test how your workforce responds to simulated scams and threats, and give them the knowledge they need to stay safe.
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Cyber Certifications

Business cyber security certifications are essential for mitigating risks and ensuring that your company's critical information and infrastructure are protected.
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Cyber audit

We can carry out a full on-site audit of your organisation’s security and infrastructure. Identify potential risks, and help your organisation react strategically to reduce those threats.
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ISO 27001

The Melius team advise and support you every step of the way. Tailoring every ISO 27001 project to your specific organisation’s needs.
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