Security for technology

Technology is constantly evolving and changing. It is making our lives easier, more convenient and full of possibility. However, cyber criminals can use these same innovations to launch attacks on our data, payment information and services. CyberSafe can help.

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Why it matters?

Technology can transform lives, and industries. However, for a truly transformative idea to take hold, people need to trust it. While technologists may have a higher appetite for risk than many, they need to convince people that their idea or service is safe as well as empowering. Innovators need to protect essential data, sensitive information, and crucial services before encouraging others to take the leap.

How Cyber Safe can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

Especially in the early stages, new technologies can be vulnerable to attacks, scams and exploits. Our platform scans your network for a range of threats, including the newest techniques, and alerts you to any breaches or risks.

24/7 protection - all year round

Technology needs to be reliable around the clock. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure our platform always has your back - and our team can assist with any issues or queries.

Security advice, in plain English

Plain, simple English. That’s our promise. We aim to provide information and guidance to you in a way that you’ll be able to understand and act on - whether it’s on our platform or on a support call or email.

Priceless, yet affordable

Our Cyber security as a Service platform is priced based on the number of users you need, which makes it affordable for even small businesses.

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Our experts can discuss penetration testing, web or mobile application pen testing, continuous protection, and all levels of certification.

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