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Melius Cyber Security was set up with the aim of bringing clarity and cost efficiency into the Cyber Security Arena. To help our customers understand threats and understand the solutions. We wanted to deliver clear reports that enable our customers to reach levels of cyber security certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus and Cyber Assured, with confidence. This is why we developed Melius Cyber Safe Plus

No one can guarantee to stop breaches, so it is no longer about protecting your peripherals; it is about detecting a breach. Being breached is not the most dangerous thing that can happen to your business…not knowing you have been breached…and for how long you do not know, is where the danger lies. The average time it takes for a breach to be detected is 229 days, and this is when the damage is being done. Using Melius Cyber Safe Plus we have reduced that average to one day.

With Melius Cyber Safe Plus your business will be continually monitored for cyber threats and attacks. We will scan and test the integrity of your network, we will monitor your patching policy and help you apply critical security patches promptly. We will ethically hack your user passwords and report on security, suggesting more robust password policies as required.

Using Dynamic Application Security Testing techniques (DAST), we will check for malicious SQL injections, XSS, OWASP, Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, and many other technical acronyms that we will never bother you with or try to make you understand (unless you want to).

Instead, we will report everything you need to know through a simple intuitive dashboard, where technical speak is interpreted into “what does this mean to me” in plain English.

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Our directors have helped implement security solutions for a range of clients, including:

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