Continuous Monitoring

Taking security to the next level
Evolving from ad-hoc testing methods, continuous monitoring enables you to gain constant visibility of weaknesses in your IT infrastructure – previously unobtainable with point-in-time testing.

A continuous approach is essential to stop you being left in the dark.

  • Constant visibility of security weaknesses
  • Real-time view of risk profile across key security controls
  • Gaps in security ranked by severity
  • Faster identification of weaknesses enables you to act quickly
  • Enables management of remediations
  • Time and resource efficient
  • Cost effective

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Maintaining low risk

Everyday Security Monitoring: Identifying and Managing Weaknesses

  • Identifies gaps in your security everyday.
  • All areas of weakness categorised by severity and risk level.
  • Consolidated view of your key security controls at any time.

Don't wait to discover vulnerabilities, stay proactive with Cyber Safe’s continuous monitoring.

Cyber Safe offers year-round visibility enabling immediate action and risk
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