Endpoint Detection & Response


No matter the nature of your security project, we provide cost-effective endpoint detection and response services without compromising on results.

Most businesses don't even know if they've been breached - you could have an attacker within your systems right now and not even know it.

How Do I Benefit From Endpoint Detection and Response?

With EDR, any potential breaches would set off the alarm bells. You're never in the dark and you can rest assured that your business is safe.

We keep your business safe with real-time monitoring of events and behaviours, allowing you to block threats before any damage can occur and respond accordingly. From workstations and servers to mobile devices, our system scrutinises every activity and behavioural pattern across your digital environment. This approach is proactive, avoiding escalation of threats and therefore minimising disruption to your business.

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Product you are interested in?

Optimised incident analysis and prioritisation

  • Simplify attack investigation by setting potential incident priorities and lowering alert fatigue.
  • Unlock large-scale analysis in minutes rather than hours with automated correlation and AI-driven guided assault interpretations.
  • Boost visibility throughout MITRE ATT&CK® to quickly understand attack analysis and impact, including how an attack entered the system, what damage it did, and how it may spread.
  • Rapid reporting of security-related incidents.

Integrated security, backup and recovery

  • Integrated backup and recovery features, such as attack-specific rollback, file- or image-level recovery, and disaster recovery, offer full resilience in the event that point-security solutions fail.
  • Quick one-click remediation and recovery to evaluate, fix, and close vulnerability gaps in a time-efficient manner.
  • All-encompassing, cohesive security throughout the NIST security framework.

Complete cyber protection solution

  • Accelerate service deployment and onboarding by swiftly and simply launching new cyber-protection services from a single agent and console.
  • Efficiently expand services to numerous clients while maintaining profitable margins and reducing operating expenses by eliminating the necessity for a sizable workforce of highly skilled individuals to manage operations.

Detect threats and in-progress attacks

Our software will automatically detect and respond to complex threats. This includes ransomware, zero-day threats, or fileless attacks.

Post-incident detection and response

Detect the intent of the attacker and improve your security through analysis of their movements such as how it got in, how it hides its tracks, and how it spread.

Enable compliance and cyber insurance

Having a real-time monitoring system in place lowers your risk profile significantly, allowing you to be compliant with many industry standards and achieve cyber insurance easily.

Consolidated Solutions

Instead of relying on many tools, CyberSafe provides you with a seamless and integrated cyber security experience.

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Melius Cyber has been an essential part of our strategic growth plan. Ensuring our organisation is cyber safe is a priority, and their services have aided us in achieving that.
Max Lyne
Group Technology Director

Why Do I Need Endpoint Detection and Response?

Most businesses don't even know if they've been breached - you could have an attacker within your systems right now and not even know it.

With EDR, you're never in the dark. You can rest assured that you have complete visibility, allowing your business to remain safe and secure.

Don't wait to discover vulnerabilities, stay proactive with Cyber Safe’s continuous monitoring.

Cyber Safe offers year-round visibility enabling immediate action and risk
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