Cyber security for
every business

Every business needs to have strong cyber security, and now every business can.

Melius Cyber has developed a world-leading platform, Cyber Safe Plus, built around continuous assessment and continuous improvement through vulnerability scanning and remote penetration testing with built-in decision trees and machine learning to simulate brute force attacks on discovered vulnerabilities

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What is
Cyber Safe Plus?

Cyber Safe Plus gives you exceptional Cyber security protection, on an SME budget. It monitors your network and IT estate 24/7, testing your security and keeping you safe from the latest threats.

Our Cyber Safe Plus platform provides the Gold Standard in cyber security scanning and vulnerability monitoring, for all sizes of business. It is also fully aligned with the principles of Cyber Essentials Plus and can be used as your framework for Cyber Essentials Plus certification

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Security scanning

Why is it relevant to you?

Your threat environment is constantly changing, basic tools and firewalls can become obsolete overnight if not monitored and updated correctly.

Is it for my industry?

Every industry has different aims and challenges. That’s why we’ve designed Cyber Safe Plus to respond to how you work, and what you value.

Our expertise and solutions are applicable to a wide range of sectors, from energy to healthcare, manufacturing and government.

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Why Cyber
Safe Plus?

We built CyberSafe to provide you with up-to-the-minute protection from virus, hacks and other threats – and to ensure that your business, copyright and intellectual property is as safe as it can be – both across your own network and on the web. It won’t replace your current IT support, and you don’t need to learn a lot of jargon to get it going.

Who uses Cyber Safe Plus?

Cyber Safe Plus is designed for everyone. Whether you’re an IT professional or a business owner, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to feel protected.

Our expertise and solutions are applicable to a wide range of sectors, from energy to healthcare, manufacturing and government.

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Make yourself cyber safe

Security doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve taken years of expertise in Cyber security, and used it to create a platform that’s super-safe, without being super-confusing.

Just log onto our simple web-based dashboard, and you’ll see what’s happening. We’ll show you where you’re vulnerable, your level of risk – and what you need to do to fix things. And – if you need assistance – our expert team is always ready to help.

Learn what it takes to get cyber savvy!

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