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Cyber Essentials Plus & CyberSafe continuous monitoring

At a glance


  • Challenging timescales to achieve cyber certifications.

  • Required a partner that would be responsive and deliver on time

  • Limited knowledge of cyber security was not enough to successfully complete the NHS DSPT submission.


  • Quickly obtained Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

  • Quickly obtained NHS DSPT.

  • Continuous monitoring gave confidence in staying ahead of security vulnerabilities and future-proofing our security.


Working with Melius Cyber, we aimed to obtain Cyber Essentials Plus efficiently and swiftly. In doing so, we weren’t just looking for a tick-in-the-box; we wanted our business to be cyber secure.

If we could complete both these objectives, we would be in good stead to fulfil a third, vital one: NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (NHS DSPT) certification. This was urgent and time sensitive, as NHS DSPT is critical for our business operations and healthcare sector relationships.


Our main priority was the speed in which we could achieve certification which led us to identifying Melius Cyber as our partner of choice. Melius Cyber understood our aggressive timescales and embarked on the project with speed and effective communication. This was complimented with our own team’s responsiveness, allowing us to succeed in obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus certification quickly and efficiently.

We also decided to implement CyberSafe across our infrastructure, Melius Cyber’s continuous monitoring platform. This enables us to ensure alignment with the controls and policies outlined by Cyber Essentials Plus and helps us to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that arise, bolstering our overall security posture and lowering our risk level.


With CyberSafe scanning our systems every single day and compliance with Cyber Essentials Plus in place, NHS DSPT was made easily achievable. Cyber Essentials Plus controls go hand in hand with NHS policies, meaning we were well-positioned to meet NHS requirements with minimal additional effort.

Close communication with the Melius Cyber team meant that we could action requirements as and when they presented, making certification swift, and therefore quickly opening new markets.

Furthermore, CyberSafe’s scanning has given us the confidence that we are on top of our security vulnerabilities and that we can stay on top of them. It enables us to react as they arise, and future-proofs our security due to the capability of adding new devices to the scan.

"Melius Cyber's support was crucial in achieving both Cyber Essentials Plus and DSPT certifications, ensuring our readiness to meet NHS standards. Through effective communication and regular meetings, Melius Cyber ensured timely compliance. With the Cyber Safe platform, we're equipped to maintain iur cyber resilience as we expand, thanks to Melius Cyber's proactive approach."

Robert Goulding, Co-Founder and Director

About the Customer

Neurogen Medical are a supplier of innovative neurodiagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment.

They are the exclusive supplier of Deymed Diagnostic clinical devices and accessories in the UK and Ireland. They offer innovative, market-leading equipment and expert technical
support that healthcare providers can trust and rely on.

  • Newcastle office: 0191 249 3003
  • London office: 0203 793 9679