Security for finance

Financial institutions need to be constantly vigilant. A successful cyber attack can compromise passwords, accounts and people’s savings and investments. But security does not need to cost a fortune.

Cyber Safe can form a key part of FCA regulated business resilience and replace costly annual penetration tests for FCA accreditation.

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Why it matters?

Security and finance go hand in hand. Banks and other institutions set up complex processes and regulations to keep people’s money safe. But they are also under threat from increasingly clever attacks designed to break down their defences.

How Cyber Safe can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

Attacks on financial institutions are getting more advanced all the time. We make sure we are always informed about the latest techniques and viruses - and can identify and deal with breaches quickly.

24/7 protection - all year round

Finance never sleeps. And neither do we. We can pinpoint risks and attacks within minutes, and give you the latest updates on how to keep your networks - and your customers - secure.

Security advice, in plain English

We’re experts in our field. Which means you’re free to be experts in yours. Our web-based dashboard makes everything easy to understand - so you can review and react.

Priceless, yet affordable

Our cyber security as a Service platform has been created to fit all budgets, even if you’re a growing SME. We want to make it easy for every company to protect themselves.

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Our experts can discuss penetration testing, web or mobile application pen testing, continuous protection, and all levels of certification.

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