Penetration Testing

Introducing the Penetration Test by Cyber Safe: An Innovative Way to Keep Your Business Safe

Experience the unparalleled security of our 24/7 remote penetration testing, offering continuous coverage all year round at the same cost of traditional testing methods

What is a Penetration Test?

A Penetration test is a simulated cyberattack on a computer system, network, or web application to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. The process involves testing the security defences of an organisation's computer systems, network, and web applications by using the same methods and tools that real attackers use. A Penetration test or Pen Test helps organisations identify security weaknesses and prioritise their remediation efforts, thus reducing the risk of a real cyberattack. Penetration testing is usually performed by an independent third party, and the results are used to improve the security posture of the organisation.

At Cyber Safe, we take pen testing to the next level with our innovative cyber security platform. While many businesses may only run a pen test once a year, our cyber security platform allows you to run a pen test every day of the year. This continuous penetration testing means you'll be able to identify and address any vulnerabilities in your system as soon as they arise, reducing your risk profile and giving you peace of mind.

How we are different

What sets our cyber security platform apart is its cost-effectiveness. Traditional pen tests can be expensive and disruptive, but with Cyber Safe, you can carry out continuous penetration testing without any significant impact on your business operations. With our cyber security software, you'll receive regular updates and alerts when vulnerabilities are detected, making it easy to take action and ensure your systems remain secure.

Using the latest in cyber security software technology, our penetration testing platform is designed to be easy to use, even for those not technically minded. Our user-friendly dashboard provides an overview of your system's vulnerabilities, making identifying and addressing any issues simple.

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