Security for education

Schools and universities do not always have the budgets for top-of-the-range Cyber security solutions. But smart institutions can take steps today to protect their data and their infrastructure

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Why it matters?

A cyber attack on an education institution can be extremely damaging. Data breaches and malware attacks can put students and staff information at risk – and hacks have even been known to target infrastructure such as CCTV cameras. Colleges could face ransom demands, leaks of personal information and disruption of critical systems.

How Cyber Safe can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

Education institutions typically have a huge number of unconfigured devices sharing and using networks which increases the threat area.

24/7 protection - all year round

Schools and colleges are not just at risk during term time. We’re always protecting your networks and data, whether you’re busy with a school day or in the middle of the holidays.

Security advice, in plain English

You shouldn’t need to be an expert to get the best protection. We’ve taken years of cyber security expertise, and built a platform that gives you updates and advice in clear, jargon-free language.

Priceless, yet affordable

Institutions have big responsibilities, but not necessarily big budgets. We designed Cyber Safe with you in mind - starting with a price you can afford.

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