Security for media

A media organisation is always alert. It needs to provide trustworthy information in an instant, while also protecting the safety and security of sources and employees.

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Why it matters?

Digital innovation has transformed the media industry. Reporters and broadcasters can now reach audiences on a variety of different platforms and devices, and create content that they can access in an instant. But that flexibility comes with risks, from sensitive data breaches to attempts to take over and impersonate trusted information providers.

How Cyber Safe can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

There are many threats out there, and they are constantly evolving. Our platform keeps up to date with the latest viruses and techniques, and monitors your network for potential vulnerabilities.

24/7 protection - all year round

You need to know that you can rely on us, at any time. This is why our platform is always active - and our expert team can respond to any breaking issues or queries.

Security advice, in plain English

We speak in plain English. That means that you’ll be able to understand what’s happening when any risks occur, and know exactly what to do to deal with them.

Priceless, yet affordable

Whether you’re a small operation or a giant newsroom, we make sure you get quality protection for a reasonable price.

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Our experts can discuss penetration testing, web or mobile application pen testing, continuous protection, and all levels of certification.

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