Security for fintech

Fintech organisations are changing how we access and use our money. Which means they need an innovative and forward-thinking security solution.

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Why it matters?

The Fintech industry is constantly innovating. Using new ideas and new technologies, they are transforming industries from banking to insurance. However, these changes must not come at the expense of safety, so they need security which protects against equally-innovative threats and attacks.

How Cyber Safe Plus can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

Digital transformation can bring great opportunities - and also painful risks. We ensure that your networks and data are protected on all platforms - including personal, financial and other confidential information.

24/7 protection -
all year round

An attack can happen at any time. We make sure you are protected around the clock - and that you’re made aware of any breach or risk as soon as it appears.

Security advice,
in plain English

You need to be able to move fast to keep important data safe. Our dashboard presents everything you need to know in clear and plain English, and gives you simple instructions on how to respond.

yet affordable

We want everyone to have the power to protect themselves against cyber threats. Our Cyber security as a Service platform gives you security without costing you a fortune.

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