Security for government

Government plays a huge role in many aspects of our lives. Which means it has access to a lot of important data. We ensure that your networks are safe, so that you can continue providing vital services to citizens.

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Why it matters?

As governments move toward offering more services online, keeping data and networks safe is more essential than ever. A cyber attack can compromise critical services, lead to lost or stolen citizen data – and even impact on national security. A safe network is vital in maintaining the trust of citizens.

How Cyber Safe can help

For threats you know - and those you don’t

We help you maintain trust and reliability. Our platform searches for the latest threats and identifies vulnerabilities and breaches - helping you focus on providing the best for your communities.

24/7 protection - all year round

Digital services mean that people aren’t bound to opening hours. They can access services online whenever they need to. This means that you need a platform that’s always watching for attacks and threats - and able to act fast.

Security advice, in plain English

You understand how important it is to explain things in plain English. We feel the same. Our platform gives you the information you need in an easy-to-understand way, so that you can act decisively.

Priceless, yet affordable

An effective cyber security platform shouldn’t cost a fortune. We provide cyber security as a Service, with subscriptions starting at a low rate.

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Our experts can discuss penetration testing, web or mobile application pen testing, continuous protection, and all levels of certification.

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