Stakeholders mandate tighter cyber security controls

Protecting their customers from risk by implementing Cyber Essentials Plus security controls and certification

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  • Mandated to become Cyber Essentials Plus certified

  • Unbudgeted and unplanned


  • Cost effective and good value for money

  • Worked well with our IT provider

  • Delivered well within timescale


St James Wealth Management's mandated for all of its partner organisations to implement Cyber Essentials Plus security controls and gain certification by the end of the year. Whilst we have an external IT provider and some inhouse skills, we recognised we didn't have the resources needed to audit us and get us through the process.


Whilst we were looking for organisations that could help us implement Cyber Essentials Plus, we came across Melius and their Cyber Safe service. Not only could they help us gain certification but their service continually monitors the 5 key security control areas and continually scans for vulnerabilities.

It's reassuring to be able to glance at the dashboard provided and see the current status and risk levels of our cyber security. Given the profiles of our customers, it is essential that their data is secure at all times. 


Initially, we weren't quite sure how we would manage to maintain and test our cyber security once certified. Having the Cyber Safe service takes any uncertainty away and should make re-certification quicker and easier as there won't be any outstanding areas of vulnerabilities requiring attention. 

We're very happy with Cyber Safe. Having the ability to keep track of our cyber security controls in line with Cyber Essentials is great and will make re-certification quicker and easier in future - we feel we are in safe hands, our customers risk profile is paramount to us

Stephen Adair, Partner - Broad Chare Partners

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