Supporting strategic growth plan with cyber security

Penetration testing & continuous daily vulnerability scanning for threat assessment

At a glance


  • Need to understand our current security posture.

  • Strategic plan to gain Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certification.


  • Expert black box penetration test uncovered areas needing remediation to give us a secure foundation.

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning gives us daily visibility of vulnerabilities and reduces risk to the business.


Part of our strategic growth plan was to strengthen our cyber security and move towards becoming Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certified. Having previously undertaken a white box penetration test ourselves, we were aware of the limitations. Therefore we evaluated specialist cyber security providers to help us to meet our objectives.


Melius Cyber provided us with a black box penetration test. This differed to our previous penetration test as the security professional had no prior knowledge of our systems, so the simulated attack was more realistic. We were presented with a comprehensive report identifying areas of vulnerability, highlighted by the level of severity and suggested remediations.

Conscious that pen testing only gives us a one-off view of infrastructure, we subscribed to the Cyber Safe service. This gives us near real-time visibility of vulnerabilities across our infrastructure which enables us to keep on top of our remediation and patching all year round.


We believe the steps we've taken will make our journey towards Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001, not only an easier process but also less labour intensive. This is due to us having a lot of the risk assessment data now at our fingertips.

Our risk profile is lower all year-round due to continuous daily monitoring. This allows us to prove our cyber security standing and enhance our reputation.

"Melius Cyber has been an essential part of our strategic growth plan. Ensuring our organisation is cyber safe is a priority, and their services have aided us in achieving that."

Max Lyne, Group Technology Director - Crafter's Companion

About the Customer

Crafter's Companion grew from a dream in Sara Davies' university bedroom. Initially one product, the Enveloper, now the crafting product range is in its thousands.

The company operates an online store, as well as physical stores. The stores are a community hub for crafters to gather and learn new skills, providing workshops and group craft sessions. They also provide digital resources such as educational videos and regular live streams.

  • Newcastle office: 0191 249 3003
  • London office: 0203 793 9679