Secure your business to WIN bigger customers

Acknowledging the need to address cybersecurity - led to increased revenue opportunities with enterprise-sized customers

At a glance


  • Incumbent IT provider lacked cybersecurity expertise 

  • Lack of certification was revenue limiting 


  • Gave us the ability to be confident in our cybersecurity measures 

  • Strengthened our ability to win new business

  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification demonstrates to customers and stakeholders our commitment to information security


We needed to obtain Cyber Essentials Plus certification to enable us to engage with enterprise-sized customers. As this was a key part of our strategy to help us increase our annual revenues, we knew we had to do something. Our incumbent IT supplier didn't have expertise in cybersecurity measures (it's a specialist area), so they were unable to really help us.


From our first involvement with Melius Cyber, they have been been incredibly supportive, helpful, and responsive. Their expertise guided us through the certification process and provided the Cyber Safe Plus platform which enables us to monitor our cybersecurity 24/7 in line with our Cyber Essentials Plus policy framework.

In doing so, we've been able to focus on our engagement with enterprise-size clients and have seen a significant increase in our revenue. 


Having Melius run their Cyber Safe Plus SaaS platform for us, saves us from having to invest in additional resources and the hassle of adding another business function to operation. We feel secure knowing that our cybersecurity is being monitored continuously and saves us time by alerting us to any potential threats and provides plain English remediation suggestions. 

We've had Cyber Safe Plus installed for over two years without fault. Another plus for us was the additional support we have that helps us refine our cybersecurity policies - enabling us to bid for - and win - more high-value contracts

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  • London office: 0203 793 9679