Our Story

Why is it always so complex?
Was the question we asked ourselves
Welcome to Melius Cyber - an innovative, forward-thinking company that was created to change the industry and make Cyber Security simpler and more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Our founders, who have extensive experience across various sectors, have witnessed first-hand the ever-increasing reliance on technology in business, and with that, the growing threat of cybercrime. However, like many others, they found themselves frustrated by the cost and complexity of traditional security measures.

The team recognised that cyber security penetration testing, while necessary, often cost far more than small to medium-sized businesses could afford. The tests could disrupt days of business continuity, only report on vulnerabilities and issues, and require further interpretation and expense to address. Melius Cyber was created to solve these issues and help businesses take control of their cyber security.

Our founders were inspired to create a platform that simplifies the process of cyber security for non-technical people, allowing them to easily understand and manage their cyber risk. Our Cyber Safe platform not only identifies vulnerabilities but also offers a simple, automated process that runs 365 days of the year, reducing a company’s risk profile and providing strong business continuity in the event of a breach.

We pride ourselves on being different from traditional security providers, constantly looking for new and innovative ways to solve the challenges our clients face. Our goal is to help SMEs secure their business with confidence, providing a simplified route to certification, expert cyber support, and 24/7 automated protection that can identify cyber threats within hours.

Our story is one of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to providing businesses with the tools they need to protect themselves in the constantly evolving world of cyber security. At Melius Cyber, we believe that security should be accessible and affordable for all businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our Cyber Safe platform and how it can help protect your business.

Cyber Safe 

Cyber Safe was created by the people at Melius Cyber, a fast-growing UK business with decades of experience in delivering cyber security solutions to businesses and government departments.

Our directors have experience consulting with organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, HSBC, the Bank of England, and South Yorkshire Police.

They recognised that smaller businesses also needed help in protecting the things their customers valued – such as their data and the services they rely on to go about their lives. But many of them were left unable to afford the security and services they required to be truly cyber safe.

Businesses face increasingly large fines for data breaches – but many don’t even know when they’ve fallen victim to an attack. This means that vulnerabilities could be in their systems already, and their processes and systems may be holding them back from taking swift and effective action.

Designed for the SME marketplace Melius Cyber provides affordable cyber security solutions delivered by security experts.

Cyber Safe takes a more rounded approach to cyber security, giving businesses more comprehensive protection against attacks.

  • We recognise that businesses require plain English advice to act decisively and with confidence
  • We understand that breaches happen, so we help you identify and eradicate issues quickly, minimising any damage
  • We understand that budgets are tight, so we make our platform affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • We deliver a range of services that help you create processes and systems that keep your risk to a minimum
  • We protect businesses 24/7 against the latest threats, not just those that were common when you bought the software
  • We give you all our experience and expertise, without the jargon
  • We are on hand to answer any questions about the platform, and your own security

Melius Cyber is certified to ISO/IEC 27001. Ensuring that we store and manage your data securely.

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