Increasing revenue through cybersecurity

Becoming Cyber Essentials Plus & ISO 27001 certified – at pace


External factors quickly identified that we needed to do something about our cyber security controls and policies. In order to bid under a Government Framework it was mandated that we needed to become Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and ISO 27001 certified – and quickly!


“Not only did Melius achieve what several other suppliers told us was impossible, but they also provided us with ongoing support and help outside of the initial project. Melius were an essential part of several projects and are our go-to resource when we need support and guidance.”


Warrick Lambert, Managing Director, Redu Group



We spent some time researching the market and for a time the suppliers response were the same, either, it was impossible to complete the project within the tight timescales, or if they could do it, the costs were way over our budget. Then we found Melius Cyber.


The team were quick to start the project and managed to deliver both certifications within the tight timescales and within our budget.


They introduced us to their Cyber Safe platform which is aligned with Cyber Essentials Plus and continually scans and monitors our whole infrastructure for potential threats. We’re alerted to any potential events through a real-time dashboard. We now use this data in our management reporting.


Knowing that we are proactively scanning for threats 24/7 is a massive weight off our minds. We feel protected and, now we have the cyber security measures in place, we’re able to reassure our supply chain and those organisations we wish to do business with.



We couldn’t afford to put in place the necessary resources to get us through the certification process, let alone extend our current resources to maintain our security defenses. Cyber Safe provides us with value for money protection.


  • Delivered on-time
  • Within budget
  • Strengthened our ability to win new business
  • Expanded our knowledge and expertise in Cybersecurity