Global Education Forum: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: is the Genie Out of the Bottle?

David Warren, Sales Director at Melius Cyber, attended the University of Sunderland to contribute to the conversation on Artificial Intelligence and provide insight on cyber security. 

It was a great experience, with lots of important discussions surrounding the future. Events like these are vital to allow for this type of discussion, opening room for collaborative thought.

At Melius Cyber, we value these opportunities as they allow us to educate, and to learn from other industry leaders. David's participation underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, and our keenness to sharing essential knowledge with the community.

Thanks to the University of Sunderland and the Global Education Forum for hosting this - providing a platform for such crucial discussions is essential. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in such an impactful event and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding both Artificial Intelligence and cyber security.

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