API testing

With applications playing a much bigger role in our lives, you need to make sure that yours are safe and efficient. We offer an API testing service that gives you confidence that your organisation’s applications are keeping your data secure.

Code editor showing some software code
Engineer performing API testing

What is API testing?

An insecure API can be a major issue for your organisation. Cyber criminals target Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), because they can often be a simpler way to access a variety of linked applications.

If you have a poorly-designed API, hackers could have a back door into your data records, and even compromise other external companies that use the API. API testing scans your APIs to make sure they are securing your data effectively, and working as intended.

Why invest in a API testing?

Attacks on APIs are becoming more common. This is because they can often be the easiest way to access a range of information from linked systems and applications.

By investing in API testing today, you can:

Why invest in API testing

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