Penetration testing

Penetration Testing is a direct and effective way to identify where your security is weak, and how to improve your processes and systems.

At Melius Cyber, we have taken penetration testing to the next level by developing our platform “Cyber Safe Plus”.
Cyber Safe Plus provide continuous penetration testing and runs penetration tests 365 days a year on your environment, looking for 180,000 known vulnerabilities, whilst testing against weak passwords, unpatched devices and much more. Cyber Safe Plus is intelligence-led and becomes aware of new zero-day vulnerabilities within 24 hours.

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Analysing results of penetration test

What is penetration testing?

Cyber criminals attempt a wide range of attacks on businesses every day, looking for weak spots. Penetration testing helps you to pinpoint those weaknesses yourself, before someone else does.

Our expert professionals carry out a simulated attack on your network or application, using the latest techniques to attempt to gain access to your operating systems or records. We can then give you advice on how to strengthen your protections.

Why invest in penetration testing?

While you may think your systems are “good enough”, you often don’t know how vulnerable you are until you’re the victim of an attack.

Here are just a few benefits:

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To find out more about how Penetration Testing will work for you, contact our dedicated team today.