Security operations centres (SOCs) and security event and incident management (SEIM) systems are key components of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. They are designed to help organisations detect, respond to, and prevent cyber threats.

A security operations centre (SOC) is a centralised team responsible for monitoring and protecting an organisation’s systems and data from cyber threats. The SOC uses a variety of tools and techniques, such as network monitoring, intrusion detection systems, and log analysis, to identify potential threats and take appropriate action to mitigate them.

Security event and incident management (SEIM) systems are specialised software platforms that help organisations to collect, analyse, and respond to security events and incidents. These systems can be configured to send alerts when potential threats are detected and provide a centralised platform for managing and responding to incidents.

Together, SOCs and SEIM systems help organisations to detect and respond to cyber threats in a timely manner, minimising the impact of potential attacks and helping to protect sensitive information. They are an essential component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and can help organisations to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure that their systems and data are as secure as possible.

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