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What is a web application penetration test?

A web app pen test is an assessment conducted by ethical hackers that provides an in-depth review of your application’s cyber security.  Web application pen testing will  find and exploit your web app’s vulnerabilities before an attacker can, providing you with essential insight to enable remediation.

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How Does a Pen Test Work?

The Melius Cyber team performs a simulated cyber-attack targeting your web app. The attack methods used by our team are the same as those used by real-world hackers, ensuring authentic results.

After identifying vulnerabilities, we create a personalised report for you that details each weak point, the associated risks, and suggested remediation methods.

At Melius Cyber we can perform both internal and external pen tests

  • Internal pen test:
    Focuses on vulnerabilities that could be exploited from within the organisation.
  • External pen test:
    Focuses on externally facing assets such as open ports, websites and devices.

Black Box, Grey Box, and White Box Testing

Black box testing: this refers to a penetration test in which the tester has zero internal knowledge of the target system. This is the most accurate approach in terms of simulating a true cyber attack. However, this approach is extremely time-consuming and therefore many areas of the target could go untested.

White box testing: in this type of test, our team will have full access to the target. The tester will be given all knowledge that is available surrounding the target, including credentials and source code.

Grey box testing: this refers to when the pen tester has some level of knowledge, access, or privileges in the target system. This approach ensures that users must have the correct level of authorisation to perform certain functions.

Why Do I Need a Web Application Pen Test?

A web application penetration test report offers crucial insights into the severity of cyber risks affecting your web app. It provides detailed information so that you can effectively address any issues. This thorough approach makes your security strong, ensuring the highest level of protection for you and your users.

Stages of Penetration Testing

1.      Information Gathering

This is when the team gathers as much data about your web app as possible.

2.      Enumeration

The Melius Cyber team uses various tools to identify weaknesses. Pen testers can choose from a range of tools, but we have the benefit of access to CyberSafe, our own scanning and monitoring platform, which speeds up this part of the process.

3.      Vulnerability assessment

The tester uses all the data that they have gathered on the system to assess the vulnerabilities that they have found.

They determine the risk of each vulnerability and which ones are exploitable.

4.      Exploitation

Using industry best practice techniques, the team test found vulnerabilities to understand how easily a hacker may take advantage of them and damage your application.

5.      Reporting

Gathering all the information and insight found, we collate a detailed pen test report providing insight understanding, risk scoring and remediation guidance to put the issues right.

How Can CyberSafe Supercharge My Pen Test?

  • Speeds up initial pen test.

  • Speeds up remediation.

  • Removes the need for rescans.

  • Constant visibility of vulnerabilities.

  • Expert support year-round.

Don't wait to discover vulnerabilities, stay proactive with Cyber Safe’s continuous monitoring.

Cyber Safe offers year-round visibility enabling immediate action and risk
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